Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands

Ownership & Memberships
One of the primary objectives of C & C Farmlands LLC is to make farmland ownership affordable to farmers; we will assist in organizing a pool of farmers who will conduct farming activities on Hawaii's important agricultural lands.

OWNERSHIP.  Title to the farmlands was transferred to Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands on March 17, 2010.  Under the KUNIA LOA RIDGE FARMLANDS Ag Subdivision individual farmers, or their business entities will own ownership interests in a Coop, non profit corporation, "KUNIA LOA RIDGE FARMLANDS".  This corporation will own in FEE SIMPLE absolute all 854 acres in the project and each buyer/owner through their ownership in the corporation will collectively own the fee simple interest in the land.  There will be proprietary lot leases that will designate which lot is for the exclusive use of which buyer/owner of the ownership interest in the corporation.  The Proprietary Lot Lease, initially 99 years, and the Ownership Interest CANNOT be separated; thus, equivalent to FEE SIMPLE interests (see Legal Opinion below).  NO RENT is payable under these proprietary lot leases except for assessments levied by the corporation.  Initial monthly maintenance fees are $30.00 per acre and fraction thereof, includes real property taxes.

MEMBERSHIP.  Each farmland owner MUST be a member of the KUNIA LOA RIDGE FARMLANDS.  Benefits of membership include FEE OWNERSHIP, the availability of irrigation water, security, group insurance, financing, legal services, and design/construction. 

WATER ASSOCIATION.  Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands is a member of the Kunia Water Association that oversees the allocation of irrigation water into each of the 99 lots.  The source of the water is from 3 wells situated at the Kunia Village.

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Document Description

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Act 271
State of Hawaii HRS 205-4.5 (17)(f)
Legal Opinion
Membership Application
Declarations of Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions
Agreement of Sale Application


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Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands Conservation Plan

Plan Appendix 1

Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands Conservation Plan Appendix 1

Plan Appendix 2

Kunia Loa Ridge Farmlands Conservation Plan Appendix 2

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